beautiful, easy homemade flower barrettes

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Mar 22, 2013
While we were at the craft store this past weekend, picking up some supplies for Maddy’s after school club and for Cora’s Butterfly Birthday Playdate this weekend, we stumbled upon this AWEsome springtime craft. Beautiful, easy homemade flower barrettes. So beautiful. Like really, gorgeous and WOW! Beautiful. So easy. Like made in under five minutes easy. Maddy and Cora and I are in love with them. And they will make the little loves in your life smile huge this Spring Break if you make ‘em. Promise. Actually, make ‘em any time and you’ll find love fast. Here’s the skinny. . . Beautiful, Easy Homemade Flower Barrettes: So pretty, right? I know. You only need a few things to make these babies, and one trip to the craft store will do it. Any craft store will have ‘em but if you want to use these links, feel free: Silk flower stems Felt pieces Glue gun Snap-open silver colored barrettes — They’re actually called French-style barrettes, and we used the 2 3/8? (@ 60 mm) sized Believe it. That’s all you need. Maybe, if you want to get really fancy, you can add some gems and bling, but you don’t need to. Now the whole deal, the start to finish, how-to-make-beautiful-easy-homemade-flower-barrettes is here in a quickie little vlog: I love how beautiful these flower barrettes are but how totally simple they are to make. I love that Maddy and Cora could ‘shop’ for their flowers and then wear them in their hair the very same day. I love that my girls are not afraid to wear big, gorgeous, gaudy flowers in their hair to school, to the park, to anywhere. Because it just really makes me smile. Talk about a fun, simple, sweet springtime–or any time craft! If your kids are old enough to help you with the glue-gun or help you with the cutting, it’s great fine motor skill work; if not, then put them to work in the choosing of flowers, arranging of leaves and petals, or blinging with some gems! Have another idea for gorgeous barrettes? Have success adding something else totally cool to your own barrettes? Let me know! We’d love to add to our collection!   fyi: Amazon affiliate links are used in this post. Please feel free to use them–always appreciated because every little bit helps! Pin ItThe post beautiful, easy homemade flower barrettes appeared first on teach mama.