Be a last minute angel

Dec 21, 2012
Only about one week is left in 2012! How did this happen? The holidays are always a blur as we all manage family time, friend time, shopping time and more. It’s a beautiful blur filled with sparkling lights, warm thoughts and colorful decorations, but a blur nonetheless. With just a little bit of time left in the holiday season, there are still quick and simply good deeds that you can tackle and become what I like to call a last minute angel. Here are just some ideas! 1. This is the final mad dash for present shopping and it can be intense. Many OOMers agree that the best thing to do at a time like this is discard the generic last minute gifts of wine, cookies or gift cards. Take this time to make a donation in honor of your loved ones. Or if you’re hosting a party, ask your guests to make a donation in lieu of gifts. There a many causes, particularly in response to tragedies, that could use support at this time of year. 2. Buy a toy for a child you don’t know. You’re already shopping so why not add one more gift to your list? You don’t need to wrap donations so this quick pick up can be just as easily dropped off. Find a drop point in the mall or a nearby community center and you’re all set and making a child’s holiday! 3. Buy food for a family you don’t know. Again, you know you’re in the grocery store already and you know there is a homeless shelter nearby. Many of them update their websites with what they need most so you can easily help out. Cash donations also help tremendously. As little as $2 can serve up a nutritious meal. $10 could help a whole family! 4. Once you’ve opened your presents, take a look at your old stuff and see what has been replaced. You can make a donation pile while you make room for your new clothes and shoes. Old coats are particularly helpful to donate in the winter. If you think your old shoes are too beat up to make a donation, there are organizations that will use their soles to make playgrounds! 5. Just keep an eye open. If you start paying attention you’ll notice people everywhere need a little help sometimes. It could be a mom or dad struggling with getting a carriage through a door that you could easily just hold open. A grandparent overloaded with presents trying to stuff everything into a trunk. A young man or women whose grocery bag just split open. Put down that smartphone and lend a hand. It will mean a lot to that person. These are just a few ways to be a last minute angel. What else would you suggest? Photo via jcroninone.