YA authors visit. Fun for all. Six words or less from the Teen Author Festival

Mar 27, 2013
Barry Lyga, Jeff Hirsch, Ruth Baron, J.J. Howard, Maya Gold, Ayala Dawn Johnson, Elizabeth Eulberg, Paul Ruddnick, Sarah Mlynowski, Sharon Cameron, Gordon Korman, Michael Northrop, and Suzanne Weyn read from their latest works at the Scholastic offices in SoHo, NY. Last week tons of YA authors descended upon New York to participate the fifth annual Teen Author Festivals. To join in the celebration, the folks at the Scholastic offices were treated to a YA-Palooza of our very own, where 10 amazing authors came in to read from their latest works. We even got previews from a few books that haven’t been published yet! Afterward, the group moved down to the Scholastic Store where we were joined by even more authors to sign some books and to chat with us. With so many incredible personalities in one space, we couldn’t help but have a bit of fun, so we asked each author to give us his or her “6-word memoir.” As you can imagine, we received some very creative answers! Check out what everyone had to say below: Ruth Baron (@RuthieBaron): “Many cute dresses, more messy lunches.” Sharon Cameron (@CameronSharonE): “Left turns can steer you right.” Elizabeth Eulberg (@ElizEulberg): “Author with a great personality.” Maya Gold: “Wears many hats. All slightly crooked.” Jeff Hirsch (@Jeff_Hirsch): “How to end the world today?” J.J. Howard (@JJHowardBooks): “Talking like a teenager finally super useful!” Alaya Dawn Johnson (@alaydj): “Ate well, traveled far, tried again.” Gordon Korman: “I grew up writing for kids.” Authors Jeff Hirsch and J.J. Howard sign their books at the Scholastic Store. Barry Lyga (@BarryLyga): “Read. Write. Repeat until dead.” Michael Northrop (@MDNorthrop): “Boys behaving badly, author on deadline.” Suzanne Weyn (@SuzanneWeyn): “Big thrilling world moving very fast.” For more on your favorite Scholastic YA authors visit this is teen on facebook or follow this is teen on twitter @this_is_teen. Inspired by the authors above? Share your six word memoir with us in the comments!