Is New Adult a thing?

Jan 03, 2013
If you’re tuned in to the kid lit world on social media, there’s one topic that’s reached a bit of a fever pitch: New Adult literature. As in, does it exist? Is it a thing? Should it be? These days, everyone knows the term “Young Adult” (thanks, of course, to series like The Hunger Games and Twilight, which both saw a tremendous adult crossover). But what comes after YA? If YA is about teenage characters facing primarily coming-of-age issues, and regular adult fiction usually features adult characters with families and careers, where are the books with characters in their late teens and early twenties? Should they be called something new…and should they be shelved in their own section in bookstores? There are some excellent analyses about the world of New Adult lit out there. Here are some must-reads if you’re interested in the topic: What is New Adult? (School Library Journal) Would You Read Novels Aimed at New Adults? (The Guardian) New Adult Fiction Readership Explodes on Goodreads (MediaBistro) What do you think, readers? Do you like the term?