The 5s: Parent bloggers to follow on Twitter (Dads edition)

Dec 17, 2012
As we close out 2012, we’re looking back on the great things in social media and tech that caught our eye this year. We’re calling it The 5s! Today, we highlight 5 great dad bloggers to follow on twitter. Last week, I wrote about great mom bloggers to follow on twitter. Today, I’d like to talk about the Dad bloggers. As with mom bloggers, there are so many amazing blogs and Twitter feeds to choose from, so narrowing it down to five was no easy task! And a special shout out to Vincent Daly (@CuteMonsterDad), who reminded us to post a list of Dad Bloggers to follow on Twitter when the Mom Blogger list went up! @WiredGeekDad Wired’s Geek Dad blog is written by a team of contributors, and their Twitter account is great to follow. You can find a ton of links to various “geeky” posts including cute comics to help learn cell biology, an analysis of the movie The Hobbit, and so much more! Here’s a cool tweet from @WiredGeekDad: “New: Tell Us Your Top 10 Favorite Literary Opening Lines…” Jim Lin: @BusyDadBlog Among many other things, Jim’s Twitter feed is full of funny tweets, Intragram links, and general thoughts about life as a parent. Here’s a cool tweet from @BusyDadBlog: “Fury [his son]‘s burger was missing cheese. So we put a slice of pizza on it. You saw it here first.” @Techydad TechyDad tweets a little bit about everything: family trips (he tweets Beauty and the Beast lines when he was in Disney!), giveaways, and links to his posts about technology. Here’s a cool tweet from @Techydad: “Have you ever encountered someone who thinks that you can use an image because it appears on Google Images?…” Michael Sheehan: @HighTechDad Michael is the go-to source for tech information – whether it is for kids (a Klutz kit to teach about electronics) or adults (an app to help choose wine). Here’s a cool tweet from @hightechdad: What technology (if any) makes your holidays better? Mitch: @GaynycDad Mitch’s Twitter account is great way to find reviews, giveaways, and great Instagram pictures. His blog, Gay NYC Dad, has a ton of entertaining family stories. Here’s a cool tweet from @gaynycdad: My name is Mitch and I am an Instagram addict. You people are lucky I am holding back, I really want to Instagram every 4 feet in NYC! (note: I kind of wish he would…his Instagram shots are always entertaining!)