50 Fab Apps for Teachers from the editors of Instructor Magazine

Apr 04, 2013
Guest blogger Tara Welty, Editor and Chief of Instructor Magazine, shares a list of 50 fabulous apps for teachers! When I first got my iPad, I eagerly sought out the best apps to use with it. Some were silly and fun, others were duds, and a precious few transformed the way I organize and manage my life. Using the tablet has been a game changer for me, but it took a lot of trial and error to find the essential apps that made it that way. My personal experience got me thinking about apps for teachers. There are hundreds of thousands of educational apps on the marketplace. What busy teacher has time to sort through them all? That’s where Instructor comes in. Our editorial team researched the best, most innovative educational apps on the market. We spoke with teachers about their favorite apps for the classroom. And, best of all, we tested them out. The result is our list of 50 Fabulous Apps for Teachers. We organized the list by topic, such as language arts, social studies, special needs, and classroom management. Our list isn’t comprehensive—there are many more fantastic apps than we could include—but it’s a good place to start. Download an easy-to-print PDF to share with your colleagues: 50 Fabulous Apps for Teachers PDF What are your favorite apps for teaching and learning? Share them in the comments!