5 Years of Media Macaroni

Amy Kraft
May 21, 2013
Wanna know something crazy? Today marks five years since my very first post on Media Macaroni! Crazy, right? To give you a sense of what five years is like in tech years, I didn’t even have an apps category at first. This was my phone when I first started the blog: Even in my first post, I describe my work in CD-ROMs and DVDs. That’s adorable. Since then it’s been Nintendo and Leap Frog and Nook and apps, apps, apps. And this is what my progeny looked like when the blog began: Olive was about to turn three, and Ozzie wouldn’t come along for another two years. So much growth and change in five years! As always, I’m so grateful for you, the most treasured people who read my blog. Thanks for coming along for the ride!