5 years ago…

Mar 07, 2013
As we looked back at the archives of OOM, it struck us just how much the world has changed in the five years since this blog started! The OOMers all submitted a surprising, funny, or interesting fact about what’s different then versus now: Five years ago at Scholastic: No one knew what the Hunger Games were. (Jessica) Scholastic had never sent a Tweet or posted a Facebook status. (Morgan) Five years ago in the tech world… The iPad did not exist. (Alex) eReading wasn’t really a thing! (Nadia) There was no Internet on airplanes, and Facebook hadn’t switched over to Timeline. (Lauren) The iPhone 3G had just been released and it’d still be another two years before Instagram was created. (Lia) The App Store didn’t exist. (Suzanne) Mobile checkout devices in stores were just being introduced. (Michael) The Large Hadron Collider, one of the greatest and most ambitious science experiments ever, was about to come online. (Dante) Flip phones were the majority ruling.I had a KRZR, the mini RAZR, and I was still cool (in my own mind). (Anne) Five years ago in pop culture: George W. Bush was President and Justin Bieber was still a year away from joining Twitter. (Tyler) There was no Gangnam Style (thank goodness). (Michael) Only 1.8 million tweets were sent on Election Day (now on a normal day, hundreds of millions of tweets are sent). (Kristen) In the education world: The NGA was still a year away from announcing the Common Core State Standards initiative. (Tyler)   What was different five years ago that shocks you? We’d love for you to submit your own!