5 min reading tricks for raising rockstar readers

Amy Mascott mascott
Mar 17, 2013
It’s here. My first eBook on reading and literacy and all that stuff I really, really love. And I’m totally psyched. 5 min reading tricks for raising rockstar readers. There you have it. That’s all you need, right? Sure it is. Here’s the skinny. . . 5 Min Reading Tricks for Raising Rockstar Readers: 15 of ‘em, my friends. Fifteen tricks that are in themselves filled with several other tricks. So it comes out to a whole lot more than fifteen, but who’s counting? Essentially, it’s a busy parent’s guide to all that you need to get on the road to raising a rockstar reader. And we all want our kids to be reading rockstars, right? Here’s why: Reading is my favorite thing. But I totally get that it might not be yours. So because I love it, and because I am continually amazed, in awe, and humbled by the process of reading acquisition—kids learning to read, working hard at reading, and becoming better readers—I want to help you. I want to help you because I know I can—and I know you can. It’s easier than you think. And with just a few minutes a day, a few times a day, you, as a parent, can help your child become a strong reader—even if you don’t consider yourself one. It’s cool. I’m not great at math. At all. I need help. Still do. It takes a village, and I need a math guy (or gal) in mine. The crazy thing is that even before children are able to read texts on their own, they can develop vocabulary, oral language, comprehension strategies, phonological awareness, and print awareness just by participating in a read-aloud with an adult. It’s amazing how much power and potential exists in that small amount of time. We got it. We know what to do, now let’s get moving! The5 min reading tricks for raising rockstar readers eBook is a $10 download that includes 15 tricks covering: comprehension strategies reading readiness fluency what parents should say during read-alouds books as gifts the importance of series and much more! AND everyone who purchases the eBook is invited to join a special, private group on the we teach forum–just for sharing reading tips, asking questions, and getting more reading success tips! You will be emailed an invitation upon purchase! How cool is that? The reading love goes on and on. . . For a cool-cat 10 spot, this gem could be yours, and I thank you. But more importantly, your little rockstars will thank you.   ————————————————- $10. for 5 min reading tricks for raising rockstar readers: ————————————————- There you have it. I hope you like it–and let me know what you think about 5 min reading tricks for raising rockstar readers! tweet me with your feedback leave me a message on my Facebook wall with what you liked–or didn’t care for let me know what else you need–and I’ll be sure to include it in the next one! ————————————————- $10. for 5 min reading tricks for raising rockstar readers: ————————————————- Many thanks, friends, and three cheers to our reading rockstars and you!–their parents– who are rockin’ it out with the reading thing! Pin ItThe post 5 min reading tricks for raising rockstar readers appeared first on teach mama.