The 2012 OOMies: Most popular videos of the year

Dec 27, 2012
Everyone loves a good book-related video, right? So it’s not a huge surprise that you all loved many of the videos Scholastic posted this year, from book trailers to author interviews. Yesterday we showed you the most-read blog posts of the year, so today, let’s see which videos resonated most with viewers! Here are the 5 most-viewed Scholastic YouTube videos of 2012*: 5. Watch WordGirl February 20 for the Rise of Miss Power: Who doesn’t love seeing what kinds of shenanigans WordGirl has been up to? Clearly, fans of the show took to YouTube this year to see what was in store for one of our favorite superheroes! 4. Wings of Fire: This book trailer about the exciting new series from Tui T. Sutherland really piqued readers’ interest, coming in at #4! 3. Drama by Raina Telgemeier: After taking the graphic novel world by storm with Smile, award-winning and best-selling Raina Telgemeier came back in 2012 with Drama, her tale of a middle school theater team. Its book trailer took the #3 spot! 2. A Galactic Pop-Up Adventure by Matthew Reinhart: Earlier this year, we released a brand-new explosive, interactive, pop-off-the-page book about George Lucas’s STAR WARS movies from bestseller Matthew Reinhart. Wow — you guys sure liked the video trailer! It took the #2 spot! But the #1 most-viewed video of the year is… 1. Infinity Ring trailer: We weren’t the only ones super excited about the launch of Infinity Ring, a new series of books and interactive games, written by some incredible kid lit authors — fans and aspiring fans pretty much stormed our YouTube channel to watch the book trailer. Welcome to Infinity Ring, where three kids must fix the past to save the future! What was your favorite book-themed video of the year? You can always check out our YouTube channel for more! *We also had two additional videos that did remarkably well, thanks to a partnership with a vendor, but we wanted to keep this list to organic views.