The 2012 OOMies: Most popular posts of the year


Dec 26, 2012
After a long holiday weekend (and another to come as we ring in the New Year!) we’ll be using the blog this week to share with you our annual OOMies: our picks for favorite posts and videos of the year. First up, though, we’ll take a look at the posts that caught YOUR eyes in 2012! It’s always interesting to look back at which blog posts generated the most interest and traveled the farthest on the web. This year in particular was fascinating, since the blog received record numbers of monthly pageviews — setting new records nearly every month! A big thank you to all of you for reading and sticking around as we prepare to head into our 5th year of blogging. (Whoa.) So, here goes: Presenting..the most popular posts of the year! 5. An election interview with President Obama (October 26, 2012) In the weeks and months leading up to the US Presidential election, our Kid Reporters were all over the country, reporting from the campaign trail. And in October, we released a video interview between on of our reporters and President Obama. Clearly, readers and students were interested, because it took the #5 spot in most-viewed posts of the year! 4. Debate! Which should you do first: read the book or watch the movie? (March 29, 2012) Every now and then we OOMers have disagreements. This was one of those times, so we decided to document it and hear what you all had to say, too. Who knew it would be such a hot topic! It came in at the #4 most read blog post of the year! 3. This just in from Suzanne Collins (March 1, 2012) Just before the film version of The Hunger Games was released, author Suzanne Collins sent a special message to fans. Readers clamored to get to it, and it took the third spot. It wasn’t the only Suzanne Collins-related post that garnered pageviews… 2. BIG news for Suzanne Collins fans (November 29, 2012) When we announced the new picture book we’ll be publishing next fall, you flocked to the blog to read all about it! This post came in the #2 spot. And finally… 1. The World of The Hunger Games cover…revealed! (January 9, 2012) No surprise here! Fans were breathlessly awaiting the film version of The Hunger Games, and in January, we revealed the cover of the movie tie-in books. And you guys LOVED the post. So that’s it! Those are the most popular posts of the year. Stay tuned for more OOMies later this week!