Why Every Child Should Learn How to Sew

This everyday skill is still practical as ever, and offers opportunities for fine motor skill development and creativity.
Aug 17, 2020



Why Every Child Should Learn How to Sew

Aug 17, 2020

Needlework: It may seem like a relic of the past, but it can actually teach kids a number of skills that they’ll carry with them throughout their lives. 

Learning how to sew won’t just help kids fix up their own clothes in the future. It also helps them practice fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination (starting with the very basic act of threading a needle!), practice planning by choosing patterns and gathering supplies, use practical math skills by measuring fabric, and expand their creativity. 


That’s why Klutz activity kits that help kids learn to sew in accessible, fun ways are so useful — it feels like play to them! Plus, each kit comes with a book of crystal clear instructions that promotes literacy and problem-solving skills. 

In particular, your kids will be drawn to these exciting kits that get them learning:  

  • Klutz: Sew Your Own Fluffy Cat Pillow: The premium faux fur is just one of the many things your child will love about this kit that teaches sewing skills! Complete with stuffing, sequins in two colors, pre-cut felt, a sewing needle, and more, this kit helps kids sew their own décor with cat-titude. 

  • Klutz: Sew Your Own Donut Animals: Kids will stitch and stuff their very own plushies with this kit, which features patterns for super sweet donuts full of adorable animal personalities. This kit offers everything your child needs to practice threading needles and stitching to add fancy toppings and decorations to their donut animals. 

  • Klutz: Pom-Pom Backpack Clips: These super fluffy charms can be used on bags, keychains, and more! Kids will learn basic sewing skills as they transform deluxe, large pom-poms into trendy accessories like a fluffy unicorn or glitter monogram clip.

  • Klutz Jr.: My Simple Sewing: Even little ones ages 4 to 8 can practice sewing skills! This Klutz Jr. kit helps younger makers practice projects with a specially-designed needle safe for small hands. They’ll be able to use the pre-cut and pre-punched felt to create three cute projects: a pizza pouch, cookie keychain, and a cupcake plush!  

Shop these kits below to teach your child important sewing skills! You can shop all Klutz kits at The Scholastic Store.


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