Use This Summer Reading BINGO Printable for the Win

Encourage your child to fill up their board by reading all summer long.
By Shari Kaplan
May 10, 2019



Looking for a fun way to encourage your child to pick up a new book during summer break? Or, seeking a competitive and visual way for your child to "win" at the Summer Reading Challenge? Turn the act of reading into an exciting game over the summer months using this literacy-inspired Summer Reading Book Bingo! From swapping books with a friend to drawing a favorite character, your little reader is sure to fill up the colorful board in no time, all while boosting important reading skills over the summer and helping to avoid the dreaded summer slide.

Plus, to help your child fill out that board with ease, check out our recommended Summer Reading Book Lists for your little one's unique age/grade: Ages 3 to 5  | Ages 6 to 7 | Ages 8 to 10 | Middle School

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