How to Create Puffy Slime With Your Kids

With just a few simple household ingredients, it’s easy to create a batch of puffy, slimy fun at home.
Jun 13, 2018



How to Create Puffy Slime With Your Kids

Jun 13, 2018

Kids love slime. Why is slime so much fun to play with? The answer may be a mystery, but with this simple recipe, you can make a batch at home with your child.

You'll need just a few household items to get started  —  see below for the supply list and steps to follow. 


You’ll Need

  • Glue (Elmer’s clear glue or school glue)
  • Baking soda
  • Contact lens solution containing boric acid  
  • Shaving cream
  • Food coloring
  • Large bowl
  • Plastic bag
How to Make Puffy Slime
Step 1: Have your child add about 4 oz glue to a large bowl. (Most bottles of glue contain approximately 4 oz.)
Step 2: Let your child measure ½ tsp baking soda and add it to the glue in the bowl. Stir until dissolved.
Step 3: Add ¼ cup shaving cream to the bowl and mix it into the glue and baking soda mixture.
Step 4: Have your child stir a drop of food coloring into the mixture.
Step 5: To turn the mixture into slime, add a few squirts of contact lens solution (around 1 tbsp) and stir.
Step 6: Touch the slime. If it’s still sticky, add another squirt of contact lens solution. Repeat until the slime isn’t so sticky anymore, and you can actually play with it.
Step 7: Store the slime in a plastic bag.

The Science Behind the Fun
Glue is made up of long chemical chains called polymers. When a cross-linking chemical is added, these chains stick together, creating slime.

In this experiment, the contact lens solution's boric acid and baking soda combine to make a cross-linker for the glue. And air bubbles in the shaving cream get trapped in the mixture, making the slime foamy.  

Enrichment Activities

  • Let your child try her hand at color-mixing.
  • Ask your child how he would make a double recipe or a half-recipe of slime.
  • Encourage your child to think of other safe ingredients she could add to her slime to change the texture, like corn starch or lotion. (Hint: For the best results, always add the contact lens solution last after everything else has been mixed together.)
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