Easy (and Mess-Free!) Science Experiments

Wow your little one with these easy-peasy brain-building experiments you can create at home.
By Margit Ragland



"Fizzzzzzz!” “Wheeee!” “Bang!” Ah, the sounds of science. Kids love figuring out how things work, so conducting experiments is a great way to spend time on a weekend afternoon. And research has shown that when parents help nurture this innate interest, their kids gain a better understanding of scientific concepts in the future. We reached out to science teachers for some cool projects your whole family can do together. Get ready to jump into the lab (we mean, kitchen)! 

Eggs in Space

Flower Rainbow

Rocket Ship Run (find the template here!)

Dr. Seuss's Oobleck

Color-Changing Milk

Tongue Map

Elephant's Toothpaste

PLUSCold Weather Experiments

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