Activities for Building Research Skills Among 6-7 Year Olds

While creativity is key, children in this age group also need to learn important research skills for non-fiction writing. Try these activities.
By Michelle Anthony, PhD



Activities for Building Research Skills Among 6-7 Year Olds

Knowing the process by which your child is growing gives you many options to help support and advance development. Use the below activities to ignite your child’s passion, nurture a weak area, or foster the advancement of a strength. 

Animals & Habitats: Children this age present an interesting mix of fantasy- and reality-based ideas. Their animism (belief that animals and humans act the same) is strong, as is their creative idea formation. Build off of both and support the development of your child’s schema (foundation knowledge), logic skills, and creative thinking with these activities:

Schema Building, Research Skills, Literacy, Multiple Intelligences, Logical Thinking:

  • National Geographic Creature Feature: Discover fun facts about so many different animals. The facts, photos, videos, sound clips, map references, and collector’s card will entice all different kinds of learners, and each passage is easy to read and understand. You will love the easy print feature for helping your child do reports! Research has never been so much fun! 
  • Make your own picture book: This super simple interface lets your child create her own story about animals. Use it for creative thinking, or to do some non-fiction writing about what she has discovered on her nature walks or webcam viewing! Click “enter” at the bottom of the book image on the opening page. Click and drag her choices and then you cannot only scale the items, but change the viewpoint and positioning of the animals (perspective taking!). Email it or share it online. 
  • Design a Habitat for Pandas: Connect schema, logic, inferences, and literacy in this guided interactive that include audio clues. Choose various plants, water layouts, enrichment items, temperature control and food to create the ideal habitat. 
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