5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Praising Your Tween

Proud of your tween? Let her know it. Follow these tips for properly praising your child.



Mother and son doing the dishes together. They are talking and laughing as the boy washes and the mother dries dishes.

  1. Using general words, like "good." Be specific about what your child has done well so she knows how to repeat it. 
  2. Taking responsibility for your child's success. "If I hadn't made you study every night the week before, you might have failed again." "I told you you'd be a natural; that's why I signed you up." 
  3. Punishing a child for his mistakes. Mistakes are a necessary part of learning and show what still needs to be understood or addressed. 
  4. Offering money or presents. This can backfire as children demand more, view learning as a means to an end, or feel they lack your trust to achieve without it. 
  5. Using sarcasm. "This report card is great, but it took you long enough to get there!" "That model's perfect! Who'd know you used to be all thumbs?"
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