Your Way: Teach Your Child to Care for the Earth

We asked how you teach your child to love our planet. Here&s what you had to say:
Feb 06, 2013



Your Way: Teach Your Child to Care for the Earth

Feb 06, 2013

Our city has a Junior Naturalist program that teaches children about nature through various activities, including nature walks. The Junior Naturalists earn beads by performing certain activities, such as making bird feeders and animal shelters.
John P., Troy, MI
Brian, age 14, and Sarah, age 9


I am a kindergarten teacher and enthralled with puffins — the Arctic birds. On a Web site, we found that we could adopt one of these birds. Ever since then, my students and I collect coins and send $100 to the Puffin Project every year. In return we receive a puffin bio and feel a personal link and responsibility to these animals.
Virginia B., Phoenix, AZ


We discussed what cars do to the environment and planned our errand route to minimize driving, emissions, and gas consumption (great math and mapping practice for 4th graders!).
Lisa W., Annapolis, MD
Elleanor, age 10, and James, age 8


We lead by example. We recycle, expose them to nature, and try to be conscientious about turning off lights, conserving energy, etc.
Ellen Z., New Canaan, CT
Meagan, age 14, and Gillian, age 13

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