Wool Craft: DIY Hand Puppets

Cheapo wool gloves make the perfect base for zany creatures.

By Ashley Page Norton
Jan 28, 2015




Jan 28, 2015

1. Start with a pair of knit gloves. Any color will do!

2. Gather supplies—craft glue, paint, paint brushes, and scissors—and tons of adornments, including feathers, pom-pom trim, chenille stems, felt, googly eyes, yarn, and bright wool roving (perfect for adding a mane).

3. If you are painting stripes on the glove, wait until the paint has dried before adding other elements to your creature. (Hint: Stuff the glove with newspaper before painting so the sides don’t stick together.)

4. To add a face, glue googly eyes to the index finger. Snip felt teeth and glue between the index finger and thumb,creating a toothy mouth.

5. Encourage kids to save their creations for indoor play: They won’t hold up well in rain or snow.

Customize any creature you can conjure! Try these on for size:

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Photo Credit: Aaron Dyer

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