When I Grow Up: The Music Man

Hit children&s musician Brady Rymer tells us why his job rocks.

Feb 06, 2013

Why my job is awesome: I've always loved playing music, and my band members are some of my best friends — playing with them is incredibly fun and rewarding. And performing for a whole room of people dancing, singing, and having fun with the music is an amazing experience.

An average day: If we're out on tour playing live shows, we get to the venue in the morning, do a sound check, then put on a rockin' show! If I'm not touring, I get my kids ready for school, walk them out to the bus stop, then work on some new songs or do some rehearsing with the band. Sometimes I help my wife with the business side of things, like sending out email newsletters and answering fan mail. Then I pick up my kids and spend some time with them — baseball practice, going down to the skate park, whatever.

What I love about my job: Almost everything. I love feeling good about what I do, and being able to communicate that to an audience is incredibly rewarding. There's always something to strive towards. I'm always trying to write new kinds of songs and put on better, more captivating shows.

How I first became interested: When I was in 6th grade, my older brother and his friends started a band, and they needed a guitar player. I really wanted to play guitar so I took a few lessons. Before I knew it, I was playing with a rock band, learning the songs on the radio!

How I got where I am today: Even in high school we were playing paying shows. After college, we wanted to continue, so we got back together in New York City. We wrote a few songs, made a tape, and got some shows. I guess I became truly "professional" when we got a record deal from RCA Records in 1992 — that felt pretty darn good!    

What stinks about my job: The traveling can be tiring sometimes — and I miss my family. They come to some shows, but it's hard to be away from them.

How to make music of your own: If you want to play music and start a band, it's a real easy thing to do. Get some friends and some instruments together and start by playing songs that you like — maybe ones you hear on the radio or ones that you've made up. Listen to each other, play together, and have fun. My son is doing this right now, and he and his friends are having a great time.

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