What Danny DeVito and The Lorax Have in Common

Actor and dad Danny DeVito voices the iconic title character in Dr. Seuss& The Lorax, in theaters March 2nd.
Feb 06, 2013


Photo: Courtesy of FX

P&C: The Lorax is such a great character — why did you want to play him?
DeVito: He’s determined, tenacious, and sticks to what he believes in. Sometimes it’s very difficult to get across to folks how precious our environment is, but The Lorax goes at it in his own feisty and funny way.

P&C: What traits do you and The Lorax have in common?
DeVito: A lot! Mainly, we both care deeply about sustainability. Also, even though Dr. Seuss didn’t know me, he happened to draw The Lorax to look exactly like me! The coincidence in looks is uncanny.


P&C: Except you’re missing the big mustache. Any plans to grow one? 

DeVito: That’s out of the question. I’ve had mustaches in the past and always found that if it gets too long I kind of remind myself of Yosemite Sam. Also, my kids don’t particularly like when I have facial hair.

P&C: But isn’t that part of a dad’s job — to embarrass his kids?
DeVito: I do my fair share of embarrassing them. I’m outspoken, I snore really loudly, I walk around barefoot all the time, and I’m always the one with something on my shirt. But my kids have a great sense of humor. We joke around and tease each other.



Elizabeth Callahan is the assistant editor for Parent & Child. 



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