Talking Books with Hugh Bonneville

Surprise: Lord Grantham loves to read!
By Jessica Hester
Mar 26, 2015

Mar 26, 2015

We caught up with actor Hugh Bonneville in London, where he was promoting the Paddington Trail, a series of 50 statues of the cuddly bear designed by artists, writers, and celebs, himself included. (The statues marked must-see London attractions and were auctioned off to raise proceeds for children's charities.) Along with playing the patriarch on Downton Abbey, Bonneville also stars in the movie Paddington, which is available on DVD April 28, 2015. Naturally, we asked him to dish on his favorite books — and share how reading has become a family pastime. Check out our interview:

Parent & Child: What’s your relationship with the Paddington books by author Michael Bond?
Hugh Bonneville: My parents started reading the book to me when I was 4 or 5, in the mid-sixties. I suppose it was one of the first books I ever read! It has a firm place in my memory, especially the illustrations.

P&C: You’re a father (to son Felix, age 13). What are some of his favorite books?
HB: He’s quite a good reader. He’s probably read the Harry Potter series four or five times!

P&C: Do you read together?
HB: When the books came out, I decided I’d wait to read them together with him. I just finished book three. Every night, he comes in and says, “Have you read any more yet?” He wants to discuss them in depth!

To learn more about the locations Paddington Bear visits, like Borough Market and Paddington Station, check out!

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