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Two young actors, who co-star as smart sibs in The Last Mimzy, talk about life on and off the movie set.

Feb 06, 2013

Most kids dream of what it might be like to have superpowers and embark on fantastical quests, and these two actually got to find out! In the movie The Last Mimzy (March 2007; on DVD July 2007), Rhiannon Leigh Wryn and Chris O'Neil star as Emma and Noah Wilder, siblings who accidentally but bravely take on a mission to save the future of humanity after discovering a mysterious box of items they think are toys. Here, Rhiannon and Chris talk to Parent & Child about what it was like to play extraordinarily smart characters on the set — and, more importantly, what it's like to be a regular kid off the set.


Parent & Child: What was really fun about making this movie?
Rhiannon Leigh Wryn: It was really fun when I got to fly in the movie.

Chris O'Neil: Every part was really fun. The most fun was when I got to do a laundry truck test drive. I actually got to drive!


P&C: What was really annoying about making this movie?
Rhiannon: It was so much fun when I got to fly, but it was really annoying getting in the harness. It would pinch me and was really uncomfortable.

Chris: School! I had to go even when everyone else got to relax.


P&C: Do you ever wish you could become super-smart like the characters you played in the movie? Why or why not? What would you do if you were super-smart?
Rhiannon: Yes, it would be cool to be really smart like in the move.  I think I would clone people.

Chris: That would be awesome! I would have perfect grades and win the national science fair! I would also have an army of spiders at my beck and call.


P&C: Do you believe that there is other life in outer space? If so, what do you think these other life forms might be like? Nice? Mean? Scary? Silly? Smart? Slimy?
Rhiannon: Yes, and I think they would be silly looking.

Chris: Yes, I think that they would be shaped like humans and we would be able to communicate with them, even though we wouldn't speak the same language.


P&C: Have you read Alice in Wonderland? Do you like the story?
Rhiannon: Yes, my mom read it to me.  I liked it a lot.

Chris: I have read half of Alice in Wonderland, but I did read Mimzy Were the Borogoves [by Lewis Padgett, the short story that The Last Mimzy was based on] and I really liked it!


P&C: What kinds of books do you like to read? What are your favorite stories?
Rhiannon: My favorite books are Little Bear and Disney books.

Chris: Eldest and Eragon, The Lord of The Rings books and Harry Potter. I can't wait till the last Harry Potter comes out!


P&C: What are your favorite movies?
Rhiannon: My favorite movie is Uptown Girls.

Chris: Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings trilogy. I own all three extended editions.


P&C: If you could be in a movie version of any story you want, what would it be?
Rhiannon: Hmmm, I would be Hannah Montana from the Disney Channel.

Chris: I would like to be in the Lord of The Rings remake!


P&C: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Rhiannon: My favorite flavors are chocolate and vanilla.

Chris: Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.


P&C: What is the coolest vacation you ever went on?
Rhiannon: The coolest vacation was when my family went to Disney World, and we are going there again soon.

Chris: When we went to Paris for the millennium. My mom, dad, brother, grandma and grandpa went.


P&C: Do you have any pets?  If so, what kind, and what are their names?
Rhiannon: I have 9 cats! Their names are Sylvester, Thumbs, Cry, Huey, Duey, Louie, Tiger, Siberia and Curiosity. I also have one dog named Lassie.

Chris: I have a robotic dog named Techno, but I am begging my mom to let me get a snake.


P&C: Please tell me your favorite joke.
Rhiannon: Knock, knock...Who's there?.....Olive....Olive who?.....Olive you!

Chris: There are three boys who find a magic lamp.  They rub the lamp and the genie tells them they each get a wish.  The first boy asks the genie to be 10% smarter, and the genie says "Poof you are now 10% smarter." The next boy asks to be 25% smarter and the genie says "Poof you are now 25% smarter." The last boy asks to be 100% smarter and the genie says "Poof you are now a girl."

What? Girls are smarter than boys, it's a known fact!

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