Sunflower and Lion Costumes for Kids

This sunflower costume will transform into a lion costume with a few clever tweaks.
By Amanda Kingloff
Sep 10, 2014



Sep 10, 2014

Print out petal template at; trace onto gold felt. Make 12 to 15 petals and cut out. Snip yellow pipe cleaners to 3" and glue from one side of each petal downward. Fold each one so the pipe cleaner is on the inside and glue, leaving a ½" space at the bottom (folded-edge) unglued. Thread yellow elastic through the petals and tie together. Slip over head. Dress your child in “stem” green and tie a ribbon to a watering can for a candy carrier.

Fold back the points of the sunflower petals. Cut 1" x 1" ear shapes from brown felt; then cut smaller ear shapes from darker brown felt and glue inside bigger ears as shown. Adhere ears to petals so they'll fall on either side of the head. To make a tail, cut about 18 strands of 30" long thick, brown yarn and braid together; knot ends. Feed floral wire through the braid and use a binder clip to attach to the back of child’s clothes. Using facepaint, add a black nose and whisker dots.

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