Summer Sort

Now is the time to put things in order so you can kick back and enjoy a breather before camp and summer programs start up!
Feb 06, 2013



Paperwork: Trash most of it (really, nobody will miss those math handouts next year), but keep important tests or reports that capture your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. It’s tough, but be picky with artwork. Together, choose 10 favorites for the memory box; then bequeath the rest to friends and family.

Home: Set up the pantry and fridge so kids can easily reach snacks meant for them. Give the garage a once-over to make sure bike tires, helmets, and scooters are in working order. Designate a shelf for outdoor toys. Pull out pool and beach gear, and check for holes or cracks. Keep it in a separate storage bin or clean garbage can.

Parties: Put graduations, championship games, birthday parties, and picnics on your calendar with a reminder a few days in advance to have gifts or food ready by go-time. Plan carpools with other parents, and if conflicts arise, split events with your partner or get a sitter when siblings need to stay behind.     

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