Sneak In Summer Learning

These boredom busters offer a great way to work in some skill-building during the school break.
By Sarah Pottieger
Apr 20, 2015




Apr 20, 2015

Hold a Yard Sale
Kids get a math workout when you have them price items, give change, and calculate the new cost of anything that hasn’t been sold by 3 p.m. (have ’em offer a 25% discount).

Bonus learning
Your child will discover the value of recycling and gain a new perspective on shopping when she sees the toy that she spent birthday money on sale for 75 cents.

Keep ‘Em Reading
The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge makes it easy to foster a love of the written word. When your kid logs into, he’ll unlock one story out of a series of 12 by authors like R.L. Stine. Each of the illustrated tales features a read-aloud option.

Bonus learning
As your child waits for the next story, he can find other great reading picks and win prizes.

Work the Camera
Being able to recognize patterns is a skill kids need for spelling and math. So challenge your child to spot images in unexpected places, like faces in tree bark, and snap a shot. She can then email her finds to Grandma, or turn prints into a collage.

Bonus learning
She’ll hone her ability to focus on a subject despite other distractions.

Make A Movie
Your budding director can dictate or write a simple script. Then, using LEGOs or action figures, he can pose his characters and shoot them in sequence. Upload the photos into an app like Stop Motion Studio (iOS, free) or Stop-Motion Lite (Android, free) and voilà: stop-motion animation!

Bonus learning
Kids pick up storytelling tricks, which improve their nonfiction writing skills, too.

Get Into Gardening
Let your child have a small plot in the yard. After she picks which veggies to grow, she’ll need to research online how much space those plants need to thrive and decide how many plants (or seeds) to buy based on the number of rows her plot can hold.

Bonus learning
She’ll deepen her understanding of where healthy foods come from.

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