Single Parent Travel: 4 Simple Preparation Tips

Traveling with kids as a single parent? Keep these 4 handy tips in mind.
Feb 06, 2013
Mother and daughter traveling

Feb 06, 2013

Check for extra charges before you book your vacation or motel room. Some resorts and cruises charge single adults an added fee to make up for the missing income of another adult guest. 

Pack the paperwork. If you’re leaving the country, you’ll need written consent from your child’s other biological parent to get through security. Read up on what to know about getting kids' passports  as a single parent.

Do a run-through. Before leaving home, explain what’s going to happen at the airport. Talk about the airline procedures and let each child know what his responsibilities are (listen carefully, finish your drink ahead of time, etc.) to make your trip through security easier. 

Schedule adult time. Enact a vacation rule like “half an hour of silence in the morning while I read the newspaper.” Or you might check to see if the hotel offers an activity program for children. Although you want to spend time together, this is your vacation, too. You deserve a rest! 

Source: Brenda Elwell, author of The Single Parent Travel Handbook

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