Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Our favorite mailman, Postman Pat, talks about life on the job, giving advice, and still finding time to have a little fun.
Feb 06, 2013



Where would Greendale be without its beloved postman and unofficial town counselor? With its focus on family, caring for others, and cultural diversity, Postman Pat has long been a favorite in the UK. Now, Postman Pat and friends have been re-packaged with a modern new look and a transatlantic journey for their U.S. debut on NBC qubo in October 2007. Here, Pat gives Parent & Child the scoop on how being the postman is so much more than just delivering letters — it's about bringing a town together.

Parent & Child: What made you first decide you wanted to be a postman?
Postman Pat: Growing up, the whole neighborhood looked forward to our local postman's deliveries of letters, packages, and postcards — what a great way to keep the community together!

P&C: When bad weather hits how do you and your "black and white cat" Jess still deliver the mail?
Postman Pat: In the close-knit town of Greendale, Jess and I can always rely on our neighbors to help out in a pinch.

P&C: Greendale seems like a beautiful place to live. What do you and your family like to do there when you spend time together?
Postman Pat: Yes, the town of Greendale is a beautiful place to live. My wife Sara, son Julian, and I enjoy participating in all that the community has to offer. There's the train station, local farms, cafés, and so much more.

P&C: Most everyone in Greendale relies on you for giving them great advice and helping them solve problems; but to whom do you turn when you need help?
Postman Pat: My neighbors and family, and even Jess the Cat, will always lend an ear, and my problems seem to disappear.

P&C: The train station seems to be the busiest stop on your route. What are some other stops of yours? Do you have a favorite?
Postman Pat: My favorite stop is where I start, picking up the post and chatting with Mrs. Goggins, because this means my route has just begun!

P&C: Is your son Julian interested in following in your footsteps?
Postman Pat: Oh, wouldn't that be fun to have two mail carriers in the family! I encourage Julian to explore his own interests, but you never know.

P&C: What can you tell people about how to still get the job done even when encountering one of their biggest fears — like yours of spiders?
Postman Pat: It is important to not only believe in yourself, but to ask for help when you need it.

P&C: In the event of mail mix-ups and mistakes, how do you handle the situation? Is there one particular incident that comes to mind?
Postman Pat: Oh! The mail always gets delivered... but sometimes we have to try the darndest things! I've watched my mailbag fly through the air, and then there was one time that I got stuck in a tree. But once I got out, the mail was delivered. You never can tell what's going to happen in Greendale!

P&C: Given your love of football, have ever consider trading in your uniform for a jersey and trying out for your favorite team?
Postman Pat: I wish! Playing for my favorite team is just a dream for me, but boy do I love the game.

P&C: After a long day on your feet and in your red mail truck, what do you do after all the mail has been delivered?
Postman Pat: I put my feet up and have a cup of tea while listening to my wife Sara and son Julian tell me stories about their day.

P&C: Do you have any tips for kids out there aspiring to become postmen and postmistresses?
Postman Pat: Study up on geography, make sure you know math and measurements, and be courteous and friendly. It's a great way to be connected to your community.

P&C: Please share with our readers any further stories, jokes, tips, or information you think they might like to know.
Postman Pat: Every day there's a new story! Being a mail carrier gives me the privilege of keeping my community and our world connected. I hope you enjoy the stories I've told you. Stay tuned...there's more!

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