Share Your Thoughts: Answering Children's Questions

We asked how you help your children find the answers to their questions. Here&s what you had to say.
Feb 06, 2013



Share Your Thoughts: Answering Children's Questions

Feb 06, 2013

We answer questions with more questions! For example, our children asked me if fish have trouble breathing in water. I asked how we breathe, and explained how gills are noses for water. We spent the next 10 minutes making fish faces.
Paul J., Bethesda, MD
Lucas, age 6, and Isaac, age 4

Often, especially if we want a quick answer, we use the Internet. Sometimes, we stumble upon sites that are very kid-friendly that my son goes back to again and again.
Mark H., Vineyard Haven, MA
Samuel, age 7


Most of the answers to my kids' questions come through conversations. We discuss a topic and break it down. We find this encourages interest and thought.
Sylvia N., Aliso Viejo, CA
Katie, age 6 and Max, age 4


For academic questions, if my girls can't find the answer in their schoolbooks, we will go to one of many search sites on the Internet. My girls will also meet with their teachers to discuss questions.
Ann O., Seattle, WA
Meaghan, age 14, and Katie, age 11


For my 2 year old, I can usually answer her questions by explaining, or better yet, showing her how to do or where to find something.
Chantal R., Del Mar, CA
Charlotte, age 2, and Julia, age 1


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