A Reality Check for Today's Celeb-Obsessed Tweens

To help your tween stay real, raise questions about money, fame, and happiness.
By Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer
Nov 28, 2012



Nov 28, 2012

Today’s tweens seem to be more immersed in celebrity culture than ever before, and the lure of fame can be quite seductive. Reality TV especially encourages the idea that a little talent plus luck can take people to the top in a few easy leaps. Tweens are prone to such fantasies because popularity is a big issue.

Talk with your tween about the expectations this media obsession has unleashed. It’s great to have a dream and work toward it. But if it doesn’t transpire, good school performance ensures a solid backup. An unrealistic dream that confuses fantasy and reality is not healthy, and tweens are old enough to know the difference. Teachers are even reporting a rise in students who put off schoolwork because they believe in get-rich-quick gimmicks.

To help your tween stay real, raise these questions: Do money and fame always deliver happiness? When does your tween feel most at ease and what helps cheer her up when she’s down? The sad stories of young celebrities who burn out suggest that success can come too early and that fame and glory are far from straightforward. 

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