Read 'n Play: Throw a Party With This Book!

Caterina and the Perfect Party inspires loads of activities and fun far beyond reading the story!

By Rachael Taaffe
May 13, 2013



May 13, 2013

Caterina and the Perfect Party by Erin Eitter Kono 

Little brown bird Caterina can’t wait to plan her first-ever party. She makes invitations, whips up appetizers, and checks off all her to-do lists. But when bad weather rains on her shindig, she learns that her list of friends is most important of all. Use Caterina’s ideas to plan a perfect party with your child! Penguin, $17. Ages 4 to 7.
1. Help your child make a friendship nest. 
Caterina makes a list of friends to invite to her party. Draw a bird’s nest and put friends’ names on eggs inside — include what they like the way Caterina did. 
2. Build a pinwheel together.
You can follow author Kono’s paper-craft tutorial, which she used to create Caterina’s decorations in the book. Visit and click on “Crafts” and then “Perfect Pinwheel.”
3. Design party invitations.
Take a trip to your local creative paper store together to find supplies like rubber stamps, ribbon, and stencils. Or try out Paperless Post from home:
4. Document your fête. 
When it’s over, make your own mixed-media illustrations that show how your party went. Hang them up on the fridge to relive the fun memories!
Photo Credit: Mark Lund
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