Our Nuttiest Buddy

See the world from picture book star Scaredy Squirrel&s point of view up in a tree!

Feb 06, 2013



Scaredy Squirrel, the skittish star of Melanie Watt’s picture book series, chats with us about how he got his name and offers his personal safety tips.


Parent & Child: What are you so scared of? Why?

Scaredy Squirrel: Pretty much everything, because a squirrel can never be too careful! I can’t name them one by one because it’s TOP SECRET information.


P&C: Do you often get teased for being such a scared little squirrel?

Scaredy: No, but I get some strange looks from the chipmunks sometimes.


P&C: How do you deal with your fears?

Scaredy: The usual: well-thought-out plans and adequate state-of-the-art safety equipment.


P&C: What have your fears taught you?

Scaredy: That unfortunately, things don’t always go according to Plan.


P&C: What’s it like living in a tree?

Scaredy: It’s wonderful; fresh air, plenty of nuts, great view – I just need to keep an eye out for termites.


P&C: What do you do for fun?

Scaredy: Lots of stuff! But my favorite is alphabetizing my list of fears.


P&C: Who are your best friends?

Scaredy: Buddy is my best friend. He’s a dog and he’s 83 percent safe. We make a great team and he can play dead on cue!


P&C: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers? Tips, stories, jokes, etc.

Scaredy: Wash those hands! Avoid direct eye contact with walruses, and always, always look both ways before crossing the forest. Oh yes, and don’t run with scissors, and always read the small print. Finally, never ever trust a lobster.

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