One Thing All Moms Should Know

Celebrity mom Angie Harmon addresses picky eaters, refrigerator staples, and kitchen inspiration.
Feb 06, 2013


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Angie Harmon, who stars on the television series Rizzoli & Isles, is a mom of three daughters and an organic foodie. Below, she talks about her solution to the work/life balance: keeping a sense of humor intact. 


Parent & Child: Are your three daughters all picky eaters? 

Angie Harmon: Just one of them — the 8-year-old. The other two are pretty good eaters, but my oldest one is at a point where her palate prefers sweet things. Once I realized that, it was fine — so I’ll make dishes like teriyaki salmon. It’s all about finding the right medium.


P&C: Do you have advice for parents of picky eaters? 

Harmon: Be patient and understand what your kids want — don’t just fight them to eat. We had to get my 8-year-old out of that hamburger/pizza/macaroni-and-cheese box, so we tried lots of new things and discovered she loved sushi. We were just sitting there with our jaws on the table. But it’s tough — there are fights at the dinner table just trying to get her to take a bite. My rule at the table is to try everything, even if it’s just two bites.


P&C: What staples might I find in your fridge?
Harmon: I always have milk, honey, and frozen chopped vegetable medleys in case I don’t have time to go to the grocery store. In the pantry, I always keep three different kinds of cereals, every type of bean you can imagine, diced tomatoes, and chicken stock.


P&C: Your favorite family dinner recipe is . . .

Harmon: That’s a tough question. I’d say teriyaki salmon. I dilute the glaze with a little pineapple juice and serve with rice and broccoli and cauliflower roasted in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Everyone in my family eats it!


P&C: What inspires you in the kitchen?

Harmon: Variety. I have two huge recipe binders filled with torn-out recipes in plastic sleeves to protect them from spills. One binder is for fall/winter recipes, like soups, and the other is for spring/summer recipes, like salads, popsicles, and food on the grill.


P&C: One thing all moms should know is . . .

Harmon: Keep your sense of humor — and use it. Kids appreciate humor and love to laugh just as much as we do. My kids and I play pranks on each other and tell funny stories.


P&C: What kind of pranks?
Harmon: Well, bathtime is always a race to the tub. I don’t care where [my daughters] are in the house — well, not so much the baby, but the 6-year-old and 8-year-old. They know that whoever gets in the bathroom first is going to jump out and scare the other one. I love to jump out and scare people, but I hate it when they do the same to me! But that makes them laugh even harder.


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Megan Hess is the digital editor at Parent & Child.


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