Matador and Red Riding Hood Costumes for Kids

This red riding hood costume will transform into a matador costume with a few clever tweaks.

By Amanda Kingloff
Sep 10, 2014



Sep 10, 2014

Cut a 25" by 30" piece of red fabric and lay it on a work surface horizontally. Measure 4" in from either side of top edge and, from these points, cut down to the respective bottom corners to create a trapezoid. Fold over top edge about 2" to form a channel, and glue down with fabric glue; let dry. Glue red cord around edge of the cape’s front for a finished look. Thread a red cord through the channel for tie. The cape can be worn over a red hooded sweatshirt and shorts or a skirt.

Switch out red cord necktie for a black ribbon.

Use fabric glue or (for a temporary solution) Topstick to adhere gold patches to a black sweater. Complete the look with short pants, tights, and red flats.

Stack four cupcake liners together and fringe the ruffled edge. Fold them in half, then quarters, then sixteenths. Glue the point together and then onto a hair clip. Fluff the fringe. 

For more instructions on making the wolf and bull buckets, visit

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