Manny's Quick Fix

Learn some helpful tips from Disney Playhouse star and cartoon repairman Handy Manny.
Feb 06, 2013



Manny's Quick Fix

Feb 06, 2013

Handy Manny is a pro at mending damaged goods. He says instead of tossing out the broken items below, try upcycling them into useful new products.

Busted backpack
Cut off straps and use the bag as a storage container that fits neatly under a bed.

Worn-out book
Remove pages and glue a blank journal inside the empty cover for a secret diary. Frame intact pages.

Distressed (wooden) dollhouse
Saw off broken bits and glue shut with wood or cardboard scraps. Fill with seed and string up as a birdhouse.

Wounded wicker basket
Remove sharp edges with garden clippers and stuff with flannel to make a small pet bed.

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