Leftover Easter Candy Recipes

Turn your child&s fave Easter basket bounty into four fun holiday treats!
By Erica Clark
Mar 16, 2015



Mar 16, 2015





Jelly Bean Cookie Pops
Store-bought dough makes quick work of these blooms.

Creme Egg Cupcakes
Surprise! A classic Easter candy gives these sweets an extra-gooey center.

Jordan Almond Truffles
These treats seem fancy — but you make ’em in the microwave!

Robin's Nest Macaroons
Coconut flakes provide the ideal edible nests for petite, pastel-hued chocolates.

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Easter Crafts with Plastic Eggs
11 Easy Egg-Decorating Ideas

Photo Credit: Emily Kate Roemer; Food Styling: Jason Schreiber; Prop Styling: Mariana Vera

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