Kid-Friendly Summer Goals

Want to give your kiddo a head start on homework strategies? Have her learn time-management skills when school&s not in session.
By Teri Cettina
May 28, 2013



May 28, 2013

Breaking down big projects into small bites is a good way for kids to master homework and other assignments. One way to teach this skill: Have your child come up with some personal and academic milestones—from reading three books by July 30 to shooting 10 baskets in a row.  Saren Loosli, an Ogden, UT, mom of five kids and co-director of, is a big fan of breaking big goals down into daily to-do items (read for 20 minutes, shoot baskets for 15) and using simple, daily check-off charts—and some nice rewards—to get kids excited about reaching their aims. Your child can earn stickers or points for completing each task—and cash them in at the end of the break for a special prize like a daytrip to an amusement park.



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