Jingle Jester Puppets & Castle Cardboard Theater

Let your child&s personality shine with this fun craft.
Feb 10, 2017



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Feb 10, 2017


Jingle Jesters & Castle Theater 

Just look at those goofy faces—it’s impossible not to smile! When your child adds his personal touch, our merry performers (and this magical theater) will tickle everyone’s funny bones. Let the plays begin! 

You will need: 

•styrofoam balls and thin dowels

• paint, glitter glue, and tacky glue

• glittery craft foam
• googly eyes, small pompoms, pipe cleaners, and bells
• a cardboard box and toothpicks
1. GLUE foam ball in place atop dowel. Paint ball; allow to dry. Cut hat shapes from craftfoam and glue on along with eyes, a pompom nose, and a pipe cleaner collar. Attach bell to loose end of pipe cleaner. 

2. CUT the box so that you have just three sides remaining that form a theater shape. Then cut a rectangle. 

3. GLUE triangles atop the theater. Allow to dry, and decorate with glitter glue. For the flags, cut out crat foam triangles, glue them to the toothpicks, and glue the toothpicks to the roof. 

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