How to Throw the Ultimate Rock Star Party

Lights,! Kids star in music vids at this VIP event.

By Amanda Kingloff
Mar 17, 2015



Mar 17, 2015

The Look
Provide plenty of colorful wigs, boas, and sequins so guests look like pop stars during their red-carpet entrance. (15' red carpet runner, $7,; Party confetti, $10,

The rule: No one can go ”backstage” without an all-access pass. Make ’em from our template here. (Lanyards and plastic badge holders, $7 for 12,

The Food
Covered with edible glitter and set in mini ice cream cones, microphone cake pops are pop-perfect party treats! Learn how to make ‘em here.

The Activities
Set up a backdrop and have kids choreograph a dance to a favorite song. Play the tune on your digital device or stereo and film the whole thing on your phone. E-mail the clip to guests after the bash! (8' foil curtain, $7,

Bling-out a blank autograph notebook so friends and family can scrawl their best wishes to the honoree.

The Swag
Let each rocker decorate sunglasses to take home. (Nomad sunglasses, $10 for 12,

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Photo Credit: Gretchen Easton

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