Hidden Benefits of 3 Foods You Eat Every Day

It&s no surprise that bananas, green tea, and milk are packed with vitamins and nutrients. But these fast facts may just surprise you.
Feb 06, 2013

Feb 06, 2013


Benefit: Lowers a child’s risk of asthmatic symptoms, such as wheezing.

How: The fruit contains water-soluble acids that may help to reduce inflammation in the body’s airways.

Says who: European Respiratory Journal

Green Tea

Benefit: Reduces “bad” cholesterol slightly in adults.

How: Compounds called catechins help to decrease cholesterol absorption in the body.

Says who: Journal of the American Dietetic Association


Benefit: Hydrates after exercise or playing sports.

How: The high carb and protein count helps with muscle and stamina recovery.

Says who: Researchers at McMaster University (Canada)


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Sources: Erik Nelson, M.D., Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati

Photo Credit: Mark Lund

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