A "Grand" Idea

Looking for a childcare solution? Grandma or Grandpa could be just right for the job. Here's why.



  • Trust. What better way to encourage a strong bond between your child and his grandparents than regularly scheduled visits? Reading, baking, and walks in the park build trust.
  • Values. Your parents or in-laws likely have values similar to yours. That can be a great advantage over other childcare providers who might interact with your kids very differently than you do.
  • Vitality. Keeping up with young, energetic children requires stamina and focus. It might just be what grandparents need to keep their bodies fit and minds sharp.
  • Savings. Of course you should pay for the childcare grandparents provide, but rarely do they charge as much as most nannies, babysitters, or other daycare providers.
  • Love. Grandparents are more likely to cuddle your child and consider her feelings than someone who is just babysitting.
  • Experience. Your parents have already successfully raised at least one child—you!
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