Going Solo

You can smooth out the bumps in the road when traveling alone with kids by assigning them simple tasks.
Feb 06, 2013



Divvy up the research. Let your kids look for excursions (via guides and the Internet) while you focus on logistics like flights.


Make an itinerary. Work as a team to build a plan, and record all confirmation numbers and directions so your children can read aloud as you navigate.


Use the “one-third” rule. Allocate one third of the trip for things your kids choose, another third for activities you pick, and the final third for outings you decide on together.


Assign age-appropriate tasks. Five year olds can find fire exits when checking in at a hotel, tweens make excellent map readers, and toddlers can make sure snacks taste fresh.


Praise a job well done. Your kids will be even more cooperative if they feel you appreciate their help.

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