Gifts for Pets

Seven ways to spread holiday cheer to your furry family members.
By Mary Kate Frank
Nov 18, 2014



Gifts for Pets

Nov 18, 2014

Keep Fido cozy all winter long with this comfy wool jacket., $48



Dog Bites

Look what Santa brought: these yummy mac-and-cheese treats!, $12 Buy it here

Memory Maker

Create a keepsake ornament of your furball’s pawprint., $16 for the kit

Mighty Mouse

Pull its tail and this catnip-filled rodent zooms across the room., $5 Buy it here

DJ Kitty

Let your cool cat man the turntable (scratcher) on New Year’s Eve., $40 Buy it here

Eat Your Carrots!

Kaytee’s long-lasting chews make guinea pigs and bunnies merry., $4 for three chews Buy it here

Felt Finds

Your feline’s idea of a holiday: batting and flinging these colorful felt rollers., $10 for a set of five Buy it here

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Photo Credit: Joey Moon; Dog: Aaron Dyer

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