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Tony Parker, point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, talks kids and sports.

Feb 06, 2013



Parent & Child: How did you first get involved in sports, and why were sports so important to you as a child?
Tony Parker:
My father (Tony Sr.) was a professional basketball player, and he encouraged me and my two brothers to get involved at an early age.


P&C: How do you think youth sports benefits kids?
There's a huge social side to sports that really helps kids make friends and feel good about themselves. Most of my friendships developed through sports, and playing basketball with my brothers made us closer. Sports also help kids lead healthier lifestyles.


P&C: What role did your parents play in your involvement with sports as a child?
A huge role. Both parents were incredibly supportive, taking me to games and practices and always being there for me if I felt that I didn't play well. I also have two brothers close to me in age, which meant I always had people to play sports with. Sports was a way we all came together and had a great time. 


P&C: How and why did you get involved with weplay.com? What do you think is the most important thing this Web site does?
Parker: When I first heard about weplay I thought it was a really interesting idea. I want to promote sports for kids — that's something I feel strongly about. Since the Internet is where kids spend most of their time, using it to reach them is a great way to get this done.


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