Felt Craft: Soft Necklace

Kids will love fashioning these accessories from colorful felt balls.
By Ashley Page Norton
Jan 28, 2015




Jan 28, 2015

The key to the pretty marble patterns on these baubles? Wool roving in a rainbow of colors!

What to do:

1. Roll wool roving (found at craft stores) into pea-sized balls; wrap strips of different-colored roving tightly around the balls, alternating the directions.

2. Add a few squirts of dish detergent to a pot of warm water; dip balls, then roll in your hands until they are firm. Rinse with cool water; let dry overnight.

3. Poke holes through balls with a wooden skewer.

4. Wrap more yarn around three fingers to form a 1-inch-wide section. Slide loop off your fingers and snip open to make fringe. Smooth down, then tie just below the top to form a tassel.

5. Cut leaf shapes from felt, two at a time for pairs.

6. Thread beads and tassel onto a long piece of yarn. Sandwich leaves between yarn and glue them closed. Tie the ends of the yarn together.

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Photo Credit: Aaron Dyer

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