Family Literacy: Creating a Family Book Club

Bring families closer together with this novel way to promote reading and relationships.

By Dianne Bright
Feb 06, 2013
Family Literacy: Creating a Family Book Club

Feb 06, 2013

Lead the way. Decide when, where, and how often families will meet. Those with children who can read picture books might meet once a week. Chapter book readers, once a month.

Create a virtual network so your book club members can send and receive messages and updates. You might start a Facebook page, for example. Then send out invitations and ask members to submit book suggestions for future club meetings.

Keep the first meeting casual. Have each member introduce herself and share her favorite books. Pass around a sheet of paper so that each adult member can sign up to bring snacks and to play the role of group facilitator for future meetings.

Read and discuss. At later meetings, the facilitator should ask simple who, what, where, when, and why questions, as well as deeper thought questions, such as "Which character did you connect with the most?" provides helpful book club discussion questions regarding characters, plots, and themes.

Get honest feedback. After a few meetings, ask members to provide compliments or constructive criticism so you can make sure future meetings run as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

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