Family Fitness Makeover: 4 Ways To Get Healthy Together

When kids see their parents eating well and exercising, they&re more likely to join in.
By Nicole Falcone
Feb 25, 2013



Feb 25, 2013

Eating and living well can be easier said than done. Here's how to get healthy together.

Let go of guilt. It takes courage to recognize that you can do more and that you want your child to live a healthier life. Give yourself credit, and pay attention to your child’s successes as well.

Be honest. Kids are quick to point out a double standard: You ask them to make healthy choices, but then snack on cookies instead of fruit. Explain that you’re working hard to make good-for-you changes — like them — but you struggle sometimes. This also shows them that important things aren’t easy.

Make him boss. Ask your child to help the family stay on track! Show him how to make some low-cal snacks and ask him to help you and his younger siblings stick to those options. He’ll love the role of coach, and it will motivate him to learn more about nutrition.

Pencil it in. Schedule a family fitness date. Pick three afternoons a week to explore new activities. The reward of spending time together will give you all the spark to get out of the house.

Source: Mona R. Spiegel, Ph.D., licensed psychologist and certified life coach,

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