Easy Ways for Families to Exercise

These tips will make it easy for your whole family to slip in a brain-boosting workout in the back yard or the park.
By Teri Cettina
May 28, 2013




May 28, 2013

A short workout—even 20 minutes—can stimulate your child’s brain and keep her academic skills sharp, says Francesca Zavacky, senior program manager with the nonprofit National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE).

Sneaky ways to break a sweat: Play Frisbee golf at a park. Give every family member a disk and see who can hit the goal (like a tree) with the fewest number of throws, or in the shortest time. Or bring along easy-to-pack, inflatable beach balls for impromptu volleyball and soccer games. (If you leave it behind, no biggie.) Or go out for a stroll in the evenings. Dress younger kids in jammies and tote a wagon along so they can nod off in it if they’re tired. Challenge older kids to a scavenger hunt—have them look for maple leaves, wildflowers, even the ice cream truck.



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