Commit to Being Fit

Exercise relieves stress, lightens moods, and gives you much needed mom-energy!
Feb 06, 2013
Commit to Being Fit

Feb 06, 2013

Being a mom is all-encompassing, whether you spend the majority of your time at home or in the workplace. To keep pace, it's vital to make fitness part of your life. Exercising not only helps you stay fit in mind and body, it also sends an important message about fitness to your whole family.


Prevent Burn Out
The benefits of maintaining your well-being are well worth the time investment. Think of the limits you push every day. Without proper stress relief, you most likely are wound tight by sundown. Your stress can be unpleasant for those around you — including your children, who, despite their cuteness, can be real button-pushers.


What's worse is that you may stifle tension only to cause even more damage in the future through illness, disease, or depression. A little extra effort can prevent this.


Exercise comes with many benefits, including lowered risks of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and Type II diabetes. For moms whose monthly hormone surge is reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Tear-Your-Hyde, the serotonin released in exercise can more than lighten the harshest mood. Furthermore, while the ability of exercise to untangle jangled nerves is reason enough, remember that your kids are watching how you care for yourself. Not only will they benefit from your increased energy, but they're also more likely to develop a devotion to fitness themselves.


But in the midst of a chaotic schedule, how does one find time to exercise? Start by enlisting the help of your spouse or a friend to create time for you. Check out Moms in Motion to join mothers in your area who are training for marathons, trail runs/hikes, and more — all to benefit charity.


While some women like the convenience of going to the gym, you don't need a health club to be healthy. Practicing yoga, for instance, can significantly reduce stress and the cortisol levels associated with it. At the same time, you will improve strength and increase flexibility — giving you quite the bang for your fitness buck. Sign up for a local yoga class, or even visit Yoga Today to download a new online class each day.


Even simple behavioral changes can improve your fitness. Daily walks during your lunch hour not only break up the monotony of a cubicle or dirty dishes, but they also allow you to invigorate your senses with some fresh air.


Every mom has the ability to fit in exercise. Where there's a will, there's a way — and believe me, for the sake of your sanity, it's what every mother needs!

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