Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day of Service

We&ve rounded up 18 ways even busy families can give back to the community and honor the work of MLK Jr.
Jan 09, 2015



Little Kids Picking up Trash

Jan 09, 2015

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Neighborhood Community
Bonding with your neighbors instills an appreciation for the power of community in children and adults. Here are four ideas to make your community a better place.

4 Family Volunteering Opportunities
Volunteering offers many benefits for kids — and the people they serve. Even better: You don’t have to make a huge commitment to reap a big payoff for your family — and those in need.

10 Fun Community Giving Ideas
We’ve identified five common kid passions and matched them with give-back activities your family can do in just a few hours at home or out in your community.

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